The Leoni Father's Day Gift Guide

The sacred day of loving on dad and making everything about him so he knows just how special he is, Father’s Day. We have rounded up some of our personal must haves for dad that make the perfect gifts for the holiday

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Astrid Reifer
The Leoni Mother's Day Gift Guide

The sacred day in which moms everywhere get the chance to be spoiled by their loved ones, mother's day. For all those of you who need a little direction or inspiration when shopping for the mom in your life

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All Things New Years Resolutions

Started 2018 with good coffee, good vibes, and good dreams, To be honest, 2017 was a mix. Life in a blender...the peaks were jumbled with the lowest lows.

So I hid. I poured myself into work, into staying busy all! the! time! If I kept moving (blending), I’d feel less of many things. But this year

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