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Ep. 27 My Thoughts On Aging

Last week I turned 29 years old, and so naturally the topic of aging has been on my mind these days. On this week's Good Vibes Sunday I have a candid conversation about what age has brought me over the years, all the lessons I have learned, and whether or not I'm afraid of growing older. I also dive into a controversial topic based on the idea of beauty. Going against the many beautiful women who are too modest to admit they are beautiful, I openly admit that beauty has it's advantages and those advantages have created a beauty obsessed, prevailing, culture that is terrified of losing their value with age. 

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Ep. 24 Children Affirmations

Many of our believes as adults stem from childhood. Kids are like moist clay, they can be molded and shaped by their surroundings with relative ease. If we can successfully influence their subconscious minds with ideas of confidence, success and self love, there is no limit to what they can achieve in their life. This week I'm going to give you a list of powerful affirmations that should be played for your little ones as they sleep or play. Repetition is a sure way to impact the subconscious mind, play this on repeat at a low comfortable volume . Do this for 21 days or more for best results.

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Ep. 16 Answers From A Ten Year Old

As a parent there is no bigger joy or greater achievement than watching your little ones unfold and blossom. Today I interview my 10 year old son Aryyan in hopes of leaving behind this recording among others I intend to make every year until he reaches the age of adulthood. With the intention that one day he'll listen back and hear how his answers have evolved, also to rember conversations with mama and daddy and know that even after we pass on he'll always have them to cherish.

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