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Ep. 38 All Good Vibes With Brandi Milloy

Our #goodvibesguest this week is Brandi Milloy. Brandi is a TV Host, Producer, Food Reporter, and a Lifestyle/Parenting Expert. Fans have come to rely on her popular blog ( ) for easy pantry staple meals and crowd-pleasing recipes. You may recognize her from starring in the new Food Network series: “Let’s Eat” where, along with her co-hosts Chef Stuart O’Keeffe and Jamika Pessoa, she shares her favorite delicious and easy to make at home recipes. She’s also is best known for the YouTube series POPSUGAR Food: Eat the Trend and Get the Dish with Brandi Milloy. On a regular, Brandi brings her expertise to the Today Show as a contributor. She has also appeared on Cooking Channel's Eat. This. Now. and Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games, Food Network Star and Chopped Junior. When this new mom isn’t food reporting, cooking/baking or hosting backyard bbq's with family and friends, Brandi is enjoying life in Los Angeles with her daughter Milly (@LittleAmazing) and her husband Chris (@MrAMeals).

Today we probe at Brandi’s mind about food and it’s connection to the soul. We also talk all about parenting and marriage; but as always it’s Good Vibes Sunday so we dig a little deeper and get her thoughts on a recurring situation where strangers come up to her sweet girl Milly and comment on her weight but not without squeezing or touching her. To quote Brandi after her most recent incident where a stranger came up and commented on Milly in front of a little girl who understood, “ I hate the idea that the thought of weight is even going through our girl’s minds and receiving comments about their bodies. This creates a culture of other people commenting on others body’s when it’s none of their business. It’s not a healthy way to speak to each other. I don’t believe every person who comments means ill will but they do need to be responsible for what comes out of their mouth.” - Brandi Milloy

She says that we are responsible for who we show up as in our lives, and that our words are contagious to those around us. Today Brandi shares an insight into her life and the practices that empower her to show up as the best version of herself for her daughter and her husband.

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Ep. 34 Dryden Mitchell : Lead Singer Of Rock Band Alien Ant Farm

Today we sat down with Dryden Mitchell at his studio in Huntington Beach CA. Dryden is the lead singer of the rock band Alien Ant Farm. They were formed in 1996 in Riverside CA, and are most famous for their Michael Jackson cover of Smooth Criminal which topped the billboard alternative songs in 2001. This single was a huge hit and appeared on the first season of WWE Tough Enough, and the movie American Pie 2. They also had songs featured in video games such as Tony Hawk, Madden NFL, NHL and more. One of my favorites from Dryden was when he went solo and released a song called Friday I’m In Love which appeared on the soundtrack of the movie 50 First Dates starring: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. I can go on and on, but you get the idea. Dryden and his band have since been touring the world performing for fans, and today we talk all about his career, but as always we dig a little deeper, and open fun conversations about life, family and so much more.

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Ep. 33 This Isn't A Political Issue, It's A Human Issue

I posted a photo of my husband wearing a white t-shirt with the word feminism with the definition written on it. I did this to see what kind of response I would get from people and what I found was that people felt the shirt was a political stand. I also felt as though some people felt that liking the photo meant taking a side, I got a lot of new likes and I lost some; none of which matters to me since I did it for this episode of Good Vibes Sunday. To me and to my husband the word feminism means one thing, equal rights to all humans. Everything else that’s been added to the word, the hate, all the piling on of definitions and political stands, to us are just extra. We don’t stand behind the extra, we stand behind equality, period. Today I explain that my husband and I are not huge into politics, that our support for equality comes from my own personal experiences with gender discrimination in the corporate world, and I also highlight the beauty that comes from having the kind of husband who puts all his energy behind my dreams of success.

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Ep. 28 We Must Learn To Crawl Before We Can Walk

On today’s Good Vibes Sunday, we had the pleasure of chatting it up with an incredible friend and inspiration to us, Landon Mondragon. Landon is a self proclaimed man of many hats ( no pun intended since he’s always wearing stylish hats) he’s a contractor turned investor, designer, builder and has recently began diving into developing. He’s even trying his hand at photography which must I say his work is amazing. He even stared in his own television show, Cutting Edge Reno which aired on HGTV. This talented guy is not only well versed, but he shares with us the wisdom he’s gain from lessons only learned through trial and failure. He says that one must learn to crawl before they can walk and today we learn exactly what that means.

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Ep. 27 My Thoughts On Aging

Last week I turned 29 years old, and so naturally the topic of aging has been on my mind these days. On this week's Good Vibes Sunday I have a candid conversation about what age has brought me over the years, all the lessons I have learned, and whether or not I'm afraid of growing older. I also dive into a controversial topic based on the idea of beauty. Going against the many beautiful women who are too modest to admit they are beautiful, I openly admit that beauty has it's advantages and those advantages have created a beauty obsessed, prevailing, culture that is terrified of losing their value with age. 

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Ep. 22 Everything Is Our Fault

Alex Banayan dropped out of college to seek out and ask legends like Lady Gaga, rapper Pitbull, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou and more how they accomplished their dreams so he could share it with his generation. All of their stories as told in the best-selling book, The Third Door, reframe what most consider “secrets” to success into human journeys of failure and persistence. I merge the lessons Alex learned during his journey with my personal experiences in today’s episode

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Ep. 16 Answers From A Ten Year Old

As a parent there is no bigger joy or greater achievement than watching your little ones unfold and blossom. Today I interview my 10 year old son Aryyan in hopes of leaving behind this recording among others I intend to make every year until he reaches the age of adulthood. With the intention that one day he'll listen back and hear how his answers have evolved, also to rember conversations with mama and daddy and know that even after we pass on he'll always have them to cherish.

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Ep. 12 Why You Shouldn't Disregard Social Media

It's no secret that social media is here to stay and that if you're not participating you're missing out. By utilizing social media platforms your business can reach unimaginable heights, but why is it that there's so many people out there disrespecting it's potential and questioning if it works? Tune in to find out what Adam and I have discovered

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