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Ep. 33 This Isn't A Political Issue, It's A Human Issue

I posted a photo of my husband wearing a white t-shirt with the word feminism with the definition written on it. I did this to see what kind of response I would get from people and what I found was that people felt the shirt was a political stand. I also felt as though some people felt that liking the photo meant taking a side, I got a lot of new likes and I lost some; none of which matters to me since I did it for this episode of Good Vibes Sunday. To me and to my husband the word feminism means one thing, equal rights to all humans. Everything else that’s been added to the word, the hate, all the piling on of definitions and political stands, to us are just extra. We don’t stand behind the extra, we stand behind equality, period. Today I explain that my husband and I are not huge into politics, that our support for equality comes from my own personal experiences with gender discrimination in the corporate world, and I also highlight the beauty that comes from having the kind of husband who puts all his energy behind my dreams of success.

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