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Ep. 27 My Thoughts On Aging

Last week I turned 29 years old, and so naturally the topic of aging has been on my mind these days. On this week's Good Vibes Sunday I have a candid conversation about what age has brought me over the years, all the lessons I have learned, and whether or not I'm afraid of growing older. I also dive into a controversial topic based on the idea of beauty. Going against the many beautiful women who are too modest to admit they are beautiful, I openly admit that beauty has it's advantages and those advantages have created a beauty obsessed, prevailing, culture that is terrified of losing their value with age. 

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Ep. 4 Let's Talk Coffee: Lift Coffee Roasters

Listen in on our interview with Gio Alonso, Co-Owner of Lift Coffee Roasters located in our home town of Riverside, with a 4th location in Whittier Cali and a soon to open location in Costa Mesa, Lift is quickly growing into a hotspot in our home town. Find out why we love their model so much and how we find common ground with Gio. 

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