One Must Become It To Have It:With James Shelby

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Our #goodvibesunday guest this week is James Shelby.

James is a real estate agent based out of Temecula California, he’s a master at branding himself, he’s built an amazing team that’s ready to take care of all client’s real estate needs, and has he’s become a huge inspiration to Adam and I. Most people would think that realtors don’t support other realtors, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that there is enough of a market share out there for all of those who work their tails off to get after it. And surrounding ourselves with other like-minded folks is what Adam and I live for, James is definitely one of those people. We love watching him and his sweet girls through Instagram and enjoy the thrill of getting to know how his life practices propel him upward in business. Today we talk all about these practices, we probe into business, mindset, and dig deep into the impact meditation, gratitude, and affirmations have had in his life.

Too many times I've mentioned modern to clients and the picture that instantly pops into their minds is cold, sleek white shiny cabinets, and no character. I'm here to set the record straight and say that modern has  (12).png
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