Ep. 43 Designing From The Inside Out With Whittney Parkinson

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Our #goodvibesunday guest this week is an interior designer and friend, Whittney Parkinson. Inheriting a passion for design and architecture from her father, an architect, she discovered her life’s purpose early on. Growing up in the midwest, she combined her educational background in art and interior design to establish her company Whittney Parkinson Design in Indiana. From new build construction to whole home renovations Whittney and her team have clients covered. If you see a space layered with modern and traditional styles, and a symphony of dusty hues, that most likely is our girl Whittney. We would describe her spaces as a fusion between sophisticated and timeless, but also functional and meant to be lived in.

In the design-Instagram world, Whittney is best known for a kitchen she designed that went viral. I’ll personally say that I’ve never seen quite cabinets like the ones she used in this kitchen. She really knocked it out of the park you guys ( See Image Below ). That was when the instagram community took notice of her work, however Whittney has been designing incredible spaces for years and continues to leave us all in awe of her potential.

When she’s not designing, she’s enjoying her days with her husband Austin and her sweet girl Wren.

As beautiful as her designs are she has a soul to match. Today we get to highlight it. I’m blessed to know Whittney and call her a friend, my intention is for all of you is to get to know the inspiration behind all her beautiful work, the reality of being a mama and wife running a business, what her advice is for new designers; but as always it’s Good Vibes Sunday so we dig a little deeper about the pressures that come from social media, and what kind of impact that has on designers. We also, get real about marriage, family and so much more.

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