Ep. 29 Either You Choose Change or Change Chooses You

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This week’s Good Vibes Sunday guest is Nate Hughes. Nate is a pastor for young adults at The Grove , a Christian worship house in Arizona. He says his ethos behind his teachings is to simply “do life with us”, that he’s on this life path with us and is learning his own way too. Nate brings a very human element to the manner in which he preaches, he relates principles of life and his personal experiences to every sermon. Adam and I both went to high school with Nate and his identical twin Nick, we’ve followed these two closely on social. After Years of gaining daily inspiration from Nate, I finally mustered the courage to ask him to come on the air with us. So Join us as we probe Nate’s mind about his relationship with change, and as he explains the difference between us choosing change or letting change choose us.

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Peace is an inner truth, even when it's not an outward reality