Ep. 38 All Good Vibes With Brandi Milloy

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Our #goodvibesguest this week is Brandi Milloy. Brandi is a TV Host, Producer, Food Reporter, and a Lifestyle/Parenting Expert. Fans have come to rely on her popular blog ( brandimilloy.com ) for easy pantry staple meals and crowd-pleasing recipes. You may recognize her from starring in the new Food Network series: “Let’s Eat” where, along with her co-hosts Chef Stuart O’Keeffe and Jamika Pessoa, she shares her favorite delicious and easy to make at home recipes. She’s also is best known for the YouTube series POPSUGAR Food: Eat the Trend and Get the Dish with Brandi Milloy. On a regular, Brandi brings her expertise to the Today Show as a contributor. She has also appeared on Cooking Channel's Eat. This. Now. and Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games, Food Network Star and Chopped Junior. When this new mom isn’t food reporting, cooking/baking or hosting backyard bbq's with family and friends, Brandi is enjoying life in Los Angeles with her daughter Milly (@LittleAmazing) and her husband Chris (@MrAMeals).

Today we probe at Brandi’s mind about food and it’s connection to the soul. We also talk all about parenting and marriage; but as always it’s Good Vibes Sunday so we dig a little deeper and get her thoughts on a recurring situation where strangers come up to her sweet girl Milly and comment on her weight but not without squeezing or touching her. To quote Brandi after her most recent incident where a stranger came up and commented on Milly in front of a little girl who understood, “ I hate the idea that the thought of weight is even going through our girl’s minds and receiving comments about their bodies. This creates a culture of other people commenting on others body’s when it’s none of their business. It’s not a healthy way to speak to each other. I don’t believe every person who comments means ill will but they do need to be responsible for what comes out of their mouth.” - Brandi Milloy

She says that we are responsible for who we show up as in our lives, and that our words are contagious to those around us. Today Brandi shares an insight into her life and the practices that empower her to show up as the best version of herself for her daughter and her husband.

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