Ep. 40 Striking Out Cancer With Jason Motte


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Our Good Vibes Sunday Guest this week is Jason Motte. He’s a recently retired baseball player and founder of The Jason Motte Foundation. He started his career as a catcher then switched over to pitching. He’s played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the St. Louis CardinalsChicago CubsColorado Rockies and Atlanta Braves. He says that baseball was what he did and although he loved the game, it wasn’t who he was. His true purpose is to be of service through his and his wife Caitlin’s foundation. They’ve teamed up with 108 Stitches, a sports apparel company, to come up with a line that stands for striking out cancer. There is one ambassador for each team in major league baseball who helps bring awareness to cancer.

The seed for the Jason Motte Foundation was planted in the fall of 2010 when Jason and Caitlin Motte asked, “what can we do to help?” At the time, Caitlin’s grandfather, Lynn Doyle, was a cancer patient at The West Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. Jason and Caitlin saw a sign that mentioned a need for blankets and wondered what more they could do to help. That question led to the formation of the Strike Out Cancer with Jason Motte Foundation and several projects including the annual Strike Out Cancer with Jason Motte.

The Motte family uses the money raised towards research all while providing comfort and care where there is a need for those affected, either directly or indirectly, by cancers of all kinds.

So many people avoid talking about heavy subjects like cancer But what if for once we stop trying to pretend like it doesn’t exist? What if we open that dialog and learn from cancer? I heard this quote once, “ When you learn how to die, you’ll learn how to live.” Which translates to the question “ If you were told you had one month to live would you spend it complaining or doing something meaningful?”

 Today we talk to Jason about his foundation but as always it’s good vibes Sunday so we dive a little deeper into the idea that we can learn how to live purposeful lives through the lens of cancer. Jason explains that although money, status, and fame are all blessings and signposts along the way,they aren’t the answer behind fulfilling our lives purpose on earth. That when cancer strikes, none of those things matter. I don’t think we could have had a better guest on to help us bring in the holidays and fill our hearts and minds with perceptive.  

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