Ep. 36 Candid Sunday : It Doesn't Feel Good To Expand


Last time I did a Candid Sunday, I talked about how I felt as though I was drifting through life and I discussed the reasons I thought I was feeling that way. I explained that I was doing more than I was being, that is being in the moment, giving myself time and love. During this time a question I kept going back to was “ Why am I not aware of listening to what the universe is telling me?” ; if I was feeling so out of alignment what was I supposed to stop and pay attention to? What complaints was I having? I know for sure that one of them was that I wanted to feel as though more was happening for us faster. But why is it that everytime we try to listen to god and the universe, when we blatantly see the signs and we know what they mean, why is that we place judgment on them because they don’t necessarily fit our plan? Or feel good?

We’re so good at saying If it doesn’t go as I planned well it must be bad, if it’s uncomfortable it must not be teaching me anything. What I’ve come to realize is that maybe if it’s uncomfortable that’s because it’s pushing us, maybe if it doesn’t go as planned that’s because we are not surrendering to the power that is higher than us, and maybe just maybe, if it doesn’t feel good because it’s expanding us.

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