Ep.1 Compared to what?

Life is not about what happens to you, that does not define you, life is all about how you choose to respond. Always remember this; life is happening FOR you not TO you, if you choose to see it this way. 

What if that obnoxious co-worker is really there to teach you something? What if the school traffic is actually an opportunity to talk to your kids? What if your problems were gifts? How would that change things for you? We all ascribe meaning to the events in our lives, even the little things. We create definitions, and the definitions you choose can instantly transform the way you look at your entire life. If you master meaning, you master life.

So – here’s one question: "Is the meaning you are giving to your life limiting you or empowering you? Right now, you can choose new, more empowering meanings for your life and create a new world for yourself and those you care about." Tony Robbins

Here's another question I ask myself when I'm feeling less than good or out of alignment, and just about everything seems to being going wrong... I ask " This thing I'm complaining about, is sooo bad compare to what?" So what I mean by this is, let's say I lost my job, loosing my job is only as bad as what I'm comparing it to. Now if I lost my job, and I got into an accident that paralyzed me and I could never walk again ...well I sure as hell wouldn't care very much about that job I lost anymore would I? You see when you step back you begin to realize that we are wired to worry about the silliest shit. And that we don't consistently put all of our energy into the things we do have (love, health, family etc.). And yet, for that moment that something bad happens to us we act instantly by putting all of our energy into that. Which by the way attracts more of that because, well, you're feeding into that negativity.

You may think to your self right now, I do put my energy towards all the good things in my life... I would agree that I do too, but do we all the time? Do we wake up and practice gratitude everyday? Do we stop and say I love you to loved ones daily? You'd be amazed at how life altering it would be if you made focusing on what matters to you most a daily practice. I know I'm on my journey of doing this as we speak. 

Resurfacing the question of "compared to what?" today is a special day... Today I'm going to share the story of a young woman Kate, who I went to high school with and used to play with as kids. This post holds many intentions, first is to bring awareness to breast cancer in young women. Cancer does not care about your age, and it can strike anyone at any time. Secondly, I want to shine light on the question we should all be asking our selves every time something we consider bad happens to us, ask yourself  "This is bad, compared to what?".

PUSH PLAY toListen to my Friend Kate's Story and I'll Meet you after

Hello again! I thank you for listening to Kate's story, we hope you could help us in spreading awareness of breast cancer in young women. Also, that although you may be healthy and cancer free, and her story may feel so different from yours, I hope that you could take the deeper message behind Kate's story... Which I discuss in the audio below, it's short guys so take a few more minutes to listen.  

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Meet Kate


Astrid:   What speaks to your soul?

Kate: To be honest, I'm still figuring that out.

Astrid: What would your advise be for Kate 10 years ago?

Kate: If I knew what I know now I would have checked my breast routinely.

Astrid: For someone not only going through the fight against cancer but anything life altering; what would you say to them about turning set-backs into come-backs? 

Kate: I would say pray about it! And continue to pray about it. And feel the emotions, let them out and straighten up that crown and get back-up, stand tall, and fight the good fight! Never back down...ever

Astrid: What do you know without a doubt for sure?

Kate:I know for sure without a doubt that I had guardian angels watching over me and still do. Without the lord and his grace I defiantly wouldn't be here to tell my story.

Astrid: How did you turn negative thoughts into empowering thoughts through your experience? 

Kate: It's kinda funny how the lord speaks to us....lol... I usually will pray about it and then I'll be on social media and someone will share a post that I feel was meant for me to see. At the perfect moment that I needed it... Or I'll see a quote somewhere or a song will play on the radio... All those things help me turn any negative thoughts into empowering ones.

Astrid: Yes!Same! I call those little miracle moments..love it!

Astrid: Finish this sentence for me : The world needs?

Kate: The world needs more love and peace! Now this may sound like a Miss America answer haha but I strongly believe us humans spread more hate than any other energy on this earth. If we spent as much energy spreading love and peace to one another , we'd be amazed how less stressful of a place it would be. 

Astrid: Thank you Kate :)🙏🏼it really was a pleasure, that's it for today, See You Next Week Good Vibers!

Kate: Thank You :) 🙏🏼


Astrid Reifer