A Prayer For My Son...

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Be still my heart... a prayer for my son....

May he always know love, and may he always be loved.

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May he find protection in his own thoughts and know that the answer is always found within himself. May he be brave, protect his truth and never apologize for what he believes in and stands for. May he never compare, please help him know that he is enough, and enough is always enough. That everyone is born for excellence; and all he'll ever have to do is find what he is excellent at. May he have faith, believe in something greater than he, to know that his life is in direct proportion to what he puts out into the world. May he be compassionate, and realize that others may be fighting a battle he knows nothing about. May he always offer a helping hand, the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact in someone else's life. May he never settle for the path of least resistance, life may mean taking chances but they're worth taking. May he cry, cry baby... it's okay, cry. May he dance, dance in the rain, live in the moment and don't forget to dance like no one is ever watching, even if they are. May he be aware, aware of every single moment, so aware that when opportunity rises, he seizes it. May he be still, and remember to notice the wind, the flowers, the songs of birds, butterflies and know that when I pass away one day... I'll be the butterfly that lands on his nose. May he unfold, always realize that he's never done learning. May he be bold, bold enough to know when he's wrong, apologize, give credit to the other person, learn a lesson, and put all his energy behind it. May he protect, protect his energy and not allow for anything or one to infect him with negativity. May he pray, in whatever way he identifies most, pray to always see the best in people. May he become everything good that he wishes to attract. May he never allow social media or other platforms to ever influence or define him.

May he always do his best, do right by others and never feel the need to explain his intentions. May he be naked, treat his body as his temple and nourish it, care for it and never give a damn about shame. May he be proud, but always remain humble. If the only prayer he ever says is "thank you", that will be enough. And may he have his heart broken – not all the way, but just enough to learn the art of putting back together what was once shattered. May he find the balance between holding on and letting go. May he know pain, but not too much. May he be safe. Always. May he travel the world. May he learn a new language, or two. May he journey across the far corners of this earth but never forget about home.

May he never ever settle.... be wise enough to know that if he's unhappy, something is out of alignment and it's time to change. May he trust that the "how" does not matter, to focus on the "what" comes next and trust that god/life will take care of the "how".

May he know love, and one day when he has a son of his own; may he hold him close, and feel the weight and the lightness of a love unlike any other. And may he whisper in his ear his own prayer
for him to forever know love
and be loved.


See you next week Good Vibers🙏🏼✨