Did You Know Meditation isn't Just for Adults?

Inhale... and exhale..... that's how I get through not just my days but through life. So lightly putting it, our career and family life combined can be stressful. I'll begin with how I was introduced to meditation, it actually began as  a child. In fact, every child meditates; when you watch your little ones outside playing with bubbles or in the mud, that is meditation. Of course, I didn't know there was a term for every time I would sit outside for hours looking at the clouds and feeling the wind on my face. No, but what I did know was that it felt really good to do it. So meditation was re-introduced into my adult life when my son Aryyan (who many of you know) was diagnosed with ADHD. I always thought meditation was only for adults, but after doctors tried to pill push adderal and other meds, and Aryyan became violent after taking them, I researched natural ways to deal with ADHD. I stumbled across a Forbes.com article stating that children with ADHD who learned meditation with their parents twice weekly in a clinic setting, and kept practicing at home, had better concentration at school, among other benefits. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for children (MBCT-C) has also been shown to help improve attention and behavior problems, and reduce anxiety in kids who started out with high anxiety levels. A study in 2013 showed that in boys with ADHD, an eight-week training in mindfulness, significantly reduced hyperactive behaviors and improved concentration. Other studies have pointed to similar results, and more are currently underway to continue exploring the connection. I will admit that it's difficult to get Aryyan to mediate mid day, so what I found to work best for us is meditation at night. He goes to bed wired and racing, to help him unwind we practice meditating before bed. Follow our plan below...

Gearing from children to grownups, meditation can seem intimidating to many folks if they don't know much about it; they see it as "not my thing" or weird. But if you actually learn about meditation, you'll quickly realize the most successful and powerful people make it part of their daily practices. Just to name a few, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Oprah (duh), Steve Jobs, Lebron James, Jeff Weiner CEO of LinkedIn, Tony Robbins, Katy Perry and many more. You could virtually meditate from anywhere anytime. All you need is ten-30 minutes to go mindless, what I mean by mindless is that you focus on your breathing, on nature, on awareness of your being, on rubbing you dog's tummy, on watering your garden etc.... anything that allows you to just relax the mind and body so that you can allow yourself to reach your center. I too am guilty of what I'm about to say; we power through life always doing and forget to just "BE" sometimes. I have to constantly remind the hubby about this one because he too has ADHD and I'm on him about taking ten minutes to just be mindful of everything that's happening for him everyday. 

Let me describe my family's daily meditation plan and perhaps you could implement the same to your days, and really the beauty of this is that you can change it up to fit your own family and lifestyle. But first, if you are a beginner or have no idea what meditation is.... Watch this video to get started on your personal plan.



Meditation Plan.png
Burning sage is a practice that originated as a Native American ritual used for healing, clearing space, and cleansing homes of negativity.  Buy Sage Here

Burning sage is a practice that originated as a Native American ritual used for healing, clearing space, and cleansing homes of negativity. Buy Sage Here

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