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How To Get That Effortless French Country Kitchen

Inspired by the stunning homes of Provence, south of France, French country design typically involves ruffles, distressed woodwork, stone walls, mixed patterns, and muted/subdued hues. Most often when I think of this style I think eclectic-simple-euro-comfort living. This week we are rounding up our top picks to create a French country kitchen.

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How to Add Warmth to Modern

Too many times I've mentioned modern to clients and the picture that instantly pops into their minds is cold, sleek white shiny cabinets, and no character. I'm here to set the record straight and say that modern has more sides to it other than just boring black and white with straight lines. There are many ways that modern design can take on some warmth but the best way, and must I say my favorite, is by adding loads of wood and earthy color palettes. To demonstrate this we've taken inspo from a kitchen we are currently obsessing over and created a mood board for a living room. 

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Budget Bedroom Design: Mid Century Modern

Let's face it, everyone wants a stylish bedroom that brings us complete serenity but the idea of blowing the budget is far from serene. Adam and I are inching closer to a top secret project that we just can't wait to share and it has me feeling all kinds of creative, so I've created this clean, warm, mid century bedroom all with a reasonable price tag attached!

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