Oh Baby : A Nursery Guide

A lot of baby talk has been filling our home lately! With our busy lives growing busier each day, Adam and I are in flux about when we should start growing our family. This morning, I jumped into Aryyan's bed (just as I do every morning to wake him up for school ) and as I started to rub his little back to ease him into waking up; I realized at that moment that my little boy will be a teen in 4 short years. If you're a mama, ( my eyes are filling up quick with tears as I write this ) you know the feeling of wishing you could just stop time so you could savor every pure moment of joy that your little brings you. So that moment got me thinking, when is it time for another baby? Adam and I love being parents and have had baby names picked out for 4 years already, I keep asking myself what is the hold up? The answer seems to always be the same, " We need to grow our business so that I could focus more of my attention on the new little one". Since we've started our business, balancing Aryyan, our marriage, household and work has been a challenge however at this point we've got a system down. So while the decision of having a baby this year is still to be determined, design ideas for the future baby have already been decided! I've been scouting around to gain nursery inspos and my top two come from Brandi Milloy, a beautiful mommy and host of Popsugar Food who I met while competing at a beauty pageant some time back, and from Julia Marcum an influencer who's known for her Home DIY blog Chris Loves Julia.



Brandi's nursery is home to her mama-proclaimed baby girl "Little Amazing", aka Milly

Photo credit: Jenny Quicksall Photography

Photo credit: Jenny Quicksall Photography

Brandi carried the same Spanish boho mid century modern style, seen through-out her 1930's Spanish bungalow, into Little A's nursery. Brandi says " Despite being a room for our baby girl, something about it seems sophisticated. The vintage persian rug from Zartiques.com is not only warm and super soft (perfect for tummy time) but feels like an extension of our home decor." 

What I love about this room despite it being absolutely stunning, is that Brandi's choice of color pallet really could be used for either gender. She mixed textures in all the right ways, and added some life by choosing a fiddle leaf to place beside the rocking chair. Way to go mama Brandi! 

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Chris Loves Julia

Julia and her hubby Chris just welcomed to the world their third baby girl Polly

Photo by  ChrisLovesJulia

I have been following Julia and her husband Chris on Instagram for some time now and I just love how they've transformed their home into a beautiful Traditional Modern cozy home. Like Brandi, Julia has kept to her homes style and carried it right into Polly's nursery. Take a look at the photos! You'll notice wainscoting  and whimsical cloud wall paper. Julia's choices for her baby's room are refreshing, charming, cozy yet sophisticated. She really knows how to blur the line between traditional and modern decor without compromising one or the other. Love it! 

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1. Wallpaper (145 sq ft) $742 | 2. Crib $1094 | 3. Semi-Flushmount $349
4. Tripod Floor Lamp $239 | 5. Glider $899 | 6. 8×10 Marin Rug $1899
7. Dresser (with removable changing box) $1199 | 8. Pouf $229 | 9. Tassel Pillow $49
10. Side Table $66 | 11. Blue Green Pillow $198 | 12. Table Lamp $37
13. Tassel Crib Skirt $99 | 14. Pink Striped Pillow $58 | 15. Mobile $99


1. Wallpaper (150 sq ft) $284 | 2. Crib $323 | 3. Flushmount $99
4. Tripod Floor Lamp $64 | 5. Glider $276 | 6. 8×10 Navy Rug $217
7. Dresser (with removable changing box) $329 | 8. Pouf $69 | 9. Tassel Pillow $49
10. End Table $66 | 11. Indigo Pillow $60 | 12. Table Lamp $37
13. Tassel Crib Skirt $59 | 14. Pink Striped Pillow $34 | 15. Mobile $99