Astrid Reifer, Interior Designer & Founder of  IMWARHOL, she created this space to give people a one-stop-place to gain insights about what's trending, interior design tips/DIYs ; and a feel good place where people can get their dose of good vibes! In addition, it is a place where she can spread awareness of charities close to her family's heart. 

"The name IMWARHOL came to me when my husband Adam Reifer wrote a paper at UCR about Kanye West's video "Famous". It's really a random story, but I helped him write his paper (we are that weirdo couple who enjoys studying together); while researching, we learned that during an interview about the video, Kanye said "I am standing up and I’m telling you. I. Am. Warhol. I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation, in the flesh. I am Shakespeare, Walt Disney. Nike. Google. Now who’s gonna be the Medici Familiy and stand up and let me create more?” - Kanye West

And well, there it was: IMWARHOL... "His words stuck with me... Case and Point: here's Kanye, talking about his brand revolutionizing his industry and generation. And truth be told, whether you love or hate him, you most certainly know about him...So while laying in bed one night it hit me, the name of the blog will be IMWARHOL. I just had to tell Adam, so I jumped out of bed, ran over to him and explained that as an extension to LEONIHOMES (which is revolutionizing the real estate and design industry in Riverside, CA) this blog would be different from all the others, it's going to touch people in a different way than most. Without hesitation he agreed, and this space was born.



Astrid Gagliardi Reifer


Astrid was born in Los Angeles and raised in Riverside, CA where she went to high school and met the love of her life, Adam. She went to college for 3 years and majored in Business Communications until Adam nudged her to pursue her true passion for interior design. Fortunately so, she changed her major and studied interior design at the UCR extension program.

Ironically enough, Astrid always ended up getting jobs at real estate offices while attending school,  she realized that her experience complimented Adam's new career as an agent after years of playing professional baseball. Her love and passion for everything that involved homes grew stronger and stronger, " You know when something just feels so good, you feel all the energy in the world to do it because you're so eager to keep exploring it? And it comes as second nature because it's so darn right? That's what I feel for design". -Astrid   

What's more, she gets to work along side her best friend who she's madly in love with, "Most people need a break from their partners, I actually function best when he's around. I'm a very independent person so I don't really latch on to anyone, I've always gotten life done best alone. With Adam though, he just fits me, he gets me, and I get him. Being around each other is like being around another half of myself, the half I need because we bring out the best in each other. We bounce ideas off each other like teammates do, we spend our days talking about the visions we both share. I consider myself blessed to be able to say this." -Astrid  

And to make matters sweeter, being by his side never leaves her with a dull moment, Adam is known for always making Astrid laugh, he's playful and funny, which is what keeps their love light and fun.

Astrid's design preference is everything and anything modern particularly west-coast contemporary; however has appreciation for and knowledge of all design styles. " For me, there really is no limits when it comes to design, it's interesting because I've asked myself what is my style, and I really can't answer that. To me it's like fashion, I grow out of & into different styles depending on what vibe I'm feeling. Because I'm obsessed with all styles, I think as a designer it's important to always have a signature touch to every space, but I could honestly say that I'm not limited to any particular style. Otherwise, where's the fun right?" -Astrid

She stands by the idea that as long as a style is executed timelessly, tastefully, and seamlessly, any design is beautiful. Her passion is to create functional rooms that inspire and encourage others to own their space. " There's a thrill about creating something where there was once nothing, and watching people react to it, it's a powerful and beautiful thing to watch your work cause a reaction in another person. I love it!" -Astrid

Between running Leoni Homes & Design © , furniture hunting, keeping up her blog IMWARHOL.com, practicing wellness and health, Astrid enjoys life in her hometown, caring for her fruit trees (they soothe her soul) and finds comfort in cooking daily meals while sipping on a glass of wine; but above all being a mother and wife is everything.